Glen Burnie Recreation Association


FYI's & FAQ's

1. Rehearsals are mandatory. If you have a conflict you must talk to Ms Peggy before rehearsal.

2. Rehearsals are at Glen Burnie High School not the studio.

3. Rehearsals are closed. Only 1 parent per dancer should attend, the parent must stay the whole time with dance.

4.Do not wear costumes to rehearsal, bring them with you, locate your dressing room and go there and change and report back to the auditorium. ( No men in the dressing rooms).

6. There are assigned areas in the auditorium for each class. Please make sure to sit in that section so that you can hear instructions from your class parent.

7. Class parents will receive a program and dressing room passes at rehearsal. The class parent will know when to have the dancers ready to head back stage so find your class parent and listen for instructions. They will pass out the the passes.

8. The dressing room passes are for the night of recital. You will need this to go get your dancer AFTER the recital. No one is allowed to the dressing rooms on the night of recital except class parents and GBRA dance staff. If you need to get something to your child  please see a GBRA staff member and we will help you with the situation.

9. You can take photos and video during rehearsal. The front few rows are reserved for just this. Please be respectful with going to and leaving from the area. These seats are not for sitting and watching the entire recital.

10. Snack Time:

  1. No snacks will be sold before or in between rehearsals. The Boy Scouts have been instructed to not sell anything until after Ms Peggy  begins the rehearsal.
  2. Snack times will be announced over the intercom. The snack times are timed to not interfere with the majority of the time to be ready to dance or to be dancing. Snack times are based on the standard classes, not poms, hip-hop or private dances. 
  3. If you are in several performances ie privates, poms, hip-hop then it will be up to you( the parent) to manage your time to fit your snack time in.
  4. There will be a snack time during the rehearsals, the Boy Scouts will be set up with food, drinks & snacks that you can purchase or you can bring your own.
  5. If you are dancing in one dance on a particular night(because you are only in poms, hip hop or a private) then please make sure to take your break around when your dances will be.

Below is information regarding Rehearsal.  Please review all items. In order to make the Recital special for everyone involved please be sure to adhere to the policy's regarding tickets, rehearsal attendance and especially photography during the recital .

Recital information